The MFCC Amitex Holiday Show will be held between Thursday 3rd and Sunday 5th April.  This travel fair has over the years become the place to book your summer holiday.  Travel agencies use this occasion to launch the holiday destinations they are proposing for your holiday.  Normally packages are well organised and designed to give you a balance of activities.  Booking at the Amitex is hassle free and also very convenient and easy.

The exhibitors include:
AirMalta, Air Berlin, Etihad, Brittania Travel, Hamilton Travel, Rocs Travel, SMS Mondial, Joe Micallef Travel, Enrico Travel, Executive Travel, Amigos, Aviation 360, Bodies N Motion, ITS, Flyaway Tours, Carpisa, Royal Travel,  Pawlu Testa Travel,  Malta School of Flying, Global Capital, Europa Tours, Euro Tours, YTC, Stellina Lifestyle Changes, Cruise Travel.

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) will be displaying tourism from a carrier perspective.   They will hold displays and inform visitors and prospective students who wish to enrol at the institute, what the institute is all about.  They will also sell food and drinks.

Prizes will be drawn too.   These include Airmalta Flight tickets to destinations serviced by a scheduled flight.  4, 30 minute tours over Malta offered by the Malta School of Flying, 2 meals per day from the Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) and a grand prize by Rocs Group and Airmalta.  The Grand Prize is an 8 day motor van holiday (as shown in the gallery on the left) worth over €2,300 - for 4 people, including flights to and from a city in the North of Italy.  All prizes will be drawn separately and include terms and conditions.

Whilst at the exhibition you might get hungry. A bar has been set up with a delicious selection of cakes and snacks.  There will be arancini, pizza, pastizzi, sandwiches, salads, muffins, French and Danish pastries, chocolate cake, banoffee cake, snickers cake and other types of cakes too.  These are all freshly prepared and will ensure that you get to complete your visit with treating yourself the way you deserve it! 
This event which is held in partnership with Airmalta has become the place to be to book your holiday.  Entrance is only €2 and parking is free.  It will be open on Thursday and Friday between 6:30pm and 10:30pm, Saturday from 6:30pm to 11:00pm, and Sunday from 2:30pm to 9:30pm.

The MFCC AMITEX Holiday Show is the best place to shop for your holiday.  The event, held in partnership, with Airmalta, is a hub for the best travel packages available in Malta.