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The MFCC Malta Trade Fair remains the largest commercial event in Malta. The variety of local companies who have continuously participated in this event undoubtedly offer the best bargains to the consumer enhancing the shopping experience. This year participation was on the increase and many participants were keen to show their various new products.  

The fair continues to offer a vast array of products all under one roof, making it an enjoyable family outing and more importantly a one stop shop. Visitors come to the fair, compare prices and product quality, evaluate and purchase.  Competition amongst exhibitors increases the value for the consumer, making this an occasion where offers are unlimited.

List of Exhibitors:

  • Alka Ceramics Ltd
Aquapolsud Srl
Avl Divani
Baldini Materassi
Blanco Home
Bollicine Ltd
Borg Cardona & Co. Limited
Caruana & Cini Co Ltd
Casa Del Rame
Cb Security
Cc & J Ltd
Clima 755
CME Finishes
Devgan Exports Pvt Ltd
Energy Management Solutions
Etna Eventi Management
Frank Borda Ltd
Global Capital
Global Traders
Home Decor India
Idroplast Manufacturing Ltd
IMIX Obo Mint Beverages
Interior Design Projects
ISD Co Ltd
Sweet Home Paola
Centro Casalinga
Kir Divani Srl
Knaz E-Vehicles Malta
Knight Music Ltd
La Maison Sofa
M&T Management
M.A. &A. Services Ltd
MFSP Financial
MG Ingrosso e Dettaglio Di Massari
Petecraft Ltd
Petroni Ltd
Royalty Bedding And More
Powerhouse RC Collections Limited
Powerplus Ltd
Refalo Woodworks Ltd
Rocs Group
Rose Enterprises
Sevenplus Ltd
Soc.Coop Agricola L'ulivo
Solar Engineering Ltd
Solar Solutions Ltd
Solution L
Stima Srl
Stone Decor
Sun Cover Malta
Technological Innovations
The Candle Haven
The Light Shop
The Resin And Membrane Centre
Tutto Parquet
Vincenti & Co
Vj Salomone Consumer Line
Wellbeing Bedding
Wise Owl Publications (Bieb Bieb)
World Marketing Ltd
XT Service

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