Home & Interiors Exhibition | MFCC Ta' Qali

The Home and Interiors Exhibition at MFCC, Ta’ Qali, starts Thursday 18th October ending Sunday 21st October. This fair is your annual appointment to start gearing up for the cold winter months and the festive season. Whether you’re starting to set up house or simply want to continue embellishing and improving your home, the MFCC Home and Interiors Exhibition puts you in touch with items and/or home solutions that might have escaped you.  This is the time to get your house in order!

The opening hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18:30hrs-22:30hrs, Sunday from 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs and from 15:00hrs to 21:00hrs. Entrance Fee is 

Visitors chance WINNING a €200 Voucher exchangeable in Household Goods.

A Total 4 Vouchers will be drawn, 1 daily as follows:
Thursday 18th at 22:00hrs
Friday 19th at 22:00hrs
Saturday 20th at 22:00hrs
Sunday 21st at 20:00hrs

Items found at the fair are listed below:

Stoves and Fireplaces
• Home Appliances
• Christmas Items
• Ceramics
• PVC Works
• Roof Compound and Membrane Works
• Humidity and Rising Damp Solutions
• Renewable Energy
• Underfloor Heating
• Heating Solutions
• Solar Protection Solutions
• Security Systems
• Lava Stone Tables and Chairs
• Home Improvements
• Curtains
• Furniture
• Loose Furniture
• Light Fittings
• Chandeliers, Lamps and Shades
• Doors, Door Handles and Apertures
• Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings and Accessories
• Kitchen Utensils
• Flooring
• PV Panels
• Air Conditioning Units
• Outdoor Furniture
• Home Furnishings
• Sofas
• Building Materials
• Home Utilities
• Water Treatment Systems
• Kitchens