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21 March 2019 18:30 22:30      
22 March 2019 18:30 22:30      
23 March 2019 18:30 22:30      
24 March 2019 10:00 13:00      
24 March 2019 15:00 21:00      
The MFCC Amitex Holiday Show is a yearly event for the local traveller.  Here you find a wide variety of holiday ideas suitable for all pockets and lifestyles. There are those who enjoy travelling with others and prefer the safety and security of being in a group with a tour leader, for these persons our local agents prepare the most advantageous of travel options possible.  Then there are those who prefer to relax on the water, and here the selection of cruises offered is endless.  And, those who are more adventurous and prefer to build their own holiday, chosing locations and trying to make them combine, will here find the expertise of the agents who know the tricks of the trade and how to get you to destinations faster and possibly with better options than you would have imagined.  Safety and security are both very important  when one travels and today everyone realises that going to the local travel agents is possibly still the better way of doing things.

Amitex is an event held in collaboration with Airmalta the national carrier.