"Join Alan Montanaro, the inimitable Long John Swagger, Alexander G. Lewis, the young hero Jim Hawkins and Jean Pierre Busuttil, the outrageous Mama Sufia Kerapestska, the hero’s mother in a magical, exciting adventure for hidden treasure in this year’s MADC Christmas pantomime written and directed by Malcolm Galea.

Young Jim Hawkins sets off on an epic hunt for treasure along with his unwilling mother – Mama Sufia where apart from the untold riches to be found, the fabled treasure also contains a magic voodoo amulet – and if they manage to find it in time, they just might be able to save the Squire’s daughter from her terrible curse before it’s too late. However it doesn’t help that the sinister stranger Long John Swagger and his rather unscrupulous friends have also come along for the ride.

With generous doses of humour, magic, music, songs, dance, adventure, add in the stunning sets, costumes, special effects and an odd surprise or two, Treasure Island promises to be yet another memorable MADC PANTO - The perfect festive treat for all the family.

Dates: 19th December to 3rd January. Tickets from Euro10. Visit www.madc.com.mt to book. For enquiries email - bookings@madc.com.mt or call on 77776232."