The 2016 Malta Military Tattoo | 15 October 2016 - 16 October 2016

The Malta Military Tattoo 2016, was held on the 15th and 16th of October 2016 at the Malta fairs and Conventions Centre (MFCC), Ta’ Qali.  The Malta Military Tattoo, is a yearly event which features military bands and other elements which come together to provide a spectacular show for audiences of all ages.

The music played combines popular tunes, with the more classical and are all performed in the context of a Military March parade to provide a spectacular experience for everyone to enjoy.  The music chosen appeals to all ages.

This year’s line-up includes:

The Majesticks Drum Group was set up in the 2011 by Ludovic Frochaux.  The group’s first “Drum Show”, in Landeron, was a great success.  This served as a launching pad and encouraged members to compose original pieces which today make up the repertoire of this now popular Drum Group.  Majesticks’ main objective is to rediscover the drum through innovative, original, musical compositions whilst also offering a visually attractive, out of the norm presentation, using special effects and original staging to achieve the latter. The performers’ skills have wowed audiences in the various places they have performed.  This year they perform at the Malta Military Tattoo on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October. 

The Wessex Military Band
The Wessex Military Band was founded in 1981 by Bandmaster Martin Davison.  It started off by recruiting young musicians from the area of West Dorset.  The dedication and commitment of those involved saw this band grow and in 1990 the British Army invited the band to form the voluntary band of the Army Air Corps based at Middle Wallop near Andover. The band accepted and in a short space of time doubled its membership by recruiting experienced musicians from all over the south coast of England from Dorset to Portsmouth. Without delay the band began performing at official engagements as the Voluntary Band of the Army Air Corps. These commitments escalated when in 1991 the Gulf War commenced and the majority of full time army regimental bands were called up for active service in Kuwait and Iraq. During this period the band was one of only a handful of Army bands left in the UK and took on official engagements the length and breadth of the country. One of the most prestigious engagements involved performing for HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH the Duke of Kent. The national defence cuts of the 1993 left the band with no state funding.  Undeterred by this, the band set out to continue its music making and reform once again as the Wessex Military Band.  The Ministry of Defence repaid its gratitude to the band by providing financial assistance in reforming as the Wessex Military Band and allowing the band to use the recently decommissioned ‘Wessex’ regiment emblem with its distinctive Wyvern. From 1994 the band has continued to flourish performing at international music festivals all over Europe and representing the UK on many different occasions. The band performs at over 40 engagements annually and has a strong base of members of all ages and abilities, ranging from absolute beginners to ex-military musicians and music professionals. Mr Philip Bond, who served as a musician with Devon and Dorset Regiment was appointed Bandmaster in 2006.  He is assisted by Amanda Bell, Band Sergeant Major and Shirley Courage, former Drum Major.

Polish Nadarzyn Orchestra
The Polish Nadarzyn Orchestra was founded in 1998 by its musical director Mr. Miroslaw Chilmanowicz.  It has over 50 members, of all ages, who are passionate about music.  The objective is to promote music and Polish culture both in Poland and around the world.  This mission was indeed accomplished to the extent that the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage awarded the band with the medal for Service to Polish Culture in 2008. Since its foundation the band has developed an excellent reputation and has become very popular with audiences both within Poland, Europe and the rest of the world. The orchestra’s concerts and marching displays are extremely popular and attract large audiences everywhere they perform.  It is one of the best brass bands in Poland and Europe, this is confirmed by the numerous awards and merits it received at brass band festivals and competitions throughout the country and abroad. In the 2009 and 2013 out of 800 brass bands participating in the National Festival of Fire Brigade Brass Bands, Nadarzyn won the Polish Champion in all categories, these being - the Concert program, Marching Band performance, and Marching Parade display.  Other awards include:  First place at Festival of Brass Bands in Siedlce, Poland in 2006, first place at the Festival of Brass Bands in Jozefoslaw, Poland in 2007, first place at the Regional Festival of Brass Bands in Warsaw-Ursus in 2008, first place at the festival of Brass Bands in Suwalki in 2008.   The medal for, Service to Polish Culture, awarded by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2008, gold and silver medals in the concert and marching categories in the International Festival of Brass Bands in Rastede, Germany in 2008.   And in 2011, first place in marching parade during International Festival in Giulianova, Italy. Besides Poland the band has performed in various places including – Austria, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, New York USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Malta, Ukraine, China, Australia, Tasmania and many more.

Armed Forces of Malta
The Band of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), formerly known as the Royal Malta Artillery Band (RMA Band), was established in the late 19th century (1890) yet it can trace its origins way back to the year 1800, when a band with fifes and drums formed part of the Malta Light Infantry Regiment. During the years 1939 to 1942, owing to the war circumstances, the band was put into suspended animation and its members served in support of the parent regiment, the Royal Malta Artillery. It was reformed in 1943. The AFM Band was established in 1970 under the baton of Warrant Officer I Chircop Anthony. Today, the AFM Band which has a compliment of 43 musicians and is directed Warrant Officer 1 Jonathan Borg is the only specialised Band on the Island. The Band’s President is Colonel Mark Mallia AFM whilst the Band Secretary is Major Edric Zahra AFM. As a Military Band, its primary role is to fulfil a range of commitments in support of the Armed Forces of Malta on numerous ceremonial occasions. Its wide repertoire ranges from military marches to classical and popular music. Besides their duties as bandsmen, the personnel also perform all military duties such as basic military training, internal security duties and much more.
Throughout the years, the band had various opportunities to participate in massed–band displays, Military Band Festivals and Tattoos  organized by the British Army of the Rhine at Monchengladbach, Germany. On other occasions it was invited to participate in Cyprus and Sicily. In the last decade the AFM Band was invited for various military tattoos and festivals such as in Germany, Italy, Russia, Libya, Switzerland and Scotland.

Armed Forces of Malta Drill Team
The Armed Forces of Malta Ceremonial Drill Team was re-established on the 1st August 2014 and is composed of 21 soldiers from different units within the AFM. Their first performance was held on Saturday 11th October 2014 at The Malta Military Tattoo. The role of the AFM Ceremonial Drill Team is to perform spectacle displays synchronized with music in different events in conjunction with the AFM Band.

Police Force Band

Wallace Pipes and Drums

Marsa Scouts Pipes and Drums

Red Hackle Pipes and Drums

Hamrun Scouts Pipes and Drums