The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 is the largest esports event in Malta!  This edition of the iconic event is intended for the passionate gaming community present on our island. In every aspect imaginable, this edition will push the limits to ensure the highest quality of competition!

The event has moved to MFCC Theatre  a venue three times larger than that of last year.  The central stage promises to be the largest ever. Within this huge space, spectators will also have the possibility to enjoy an Expo area and a Careers Convention area.

The spectators’ main objective is to observe high-quality esports; made possible thanks to the top-class tournament being organized.  New dimensions of competition have been introduced with the highlight being that of international professional participation, who will compete with the local players too.  This year prizes are large too!

Spectators will witness hundreds of gamers battle it out across the various tournaments available.

For those who still need to qualify for the competition there will be online tournaments for qualification.

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