A Christmas Pantomime
Written and Directed by Malcolm Galea
23rd December 2018 to 5th January 2019

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK is this year's fun-packed Christmas Pantomime by MADC.  It is written and directed by Malcolm Galea.

All his life young Jack has only ever had one dream - to become a famous knight.  Unfortunately he comes from a dirt-poor family that can’t even afford to keep up with the ever-increasing rent.  One day, his village is attacked by giants who take away the girl he loves - presumably to eat her. Jack needs to pluck up the courage and climb that beanstalk to make the transition from zero to hero, from nobody to somebody, from loser to legend.

Featuring Jean-Pierre Busuttil as the hilarious Dame, Matthew Ben Attard, Katherine Brown, Joe Depasquale, Christina Despott, Rachel Tedesco Triccas, Audrey Scerri & Sean Briffa.  With Maestro Paul Abela once more waving his musical baton, Roger Tirazona will polish up the chorus to terpsichorean perfection and choreographer Francesco Nicodeme will make sure that everything looks better by leaps and bounds. Whilst Izzy Warrington will once again be delighting us with her beautiful costume creations and Ray Farrugia will be designing our stunning sets.

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Tickets also available at a REDUCED RATE FOR CHILDREN aged between 3 and 11.  Children aged 2 and under, enter FREE with a toddler ticket but must have a reserved seat with parents/guardians.