Flying Superkids is a truly unique show from the Kingdom of Denmark - the only one of its kind in the world! It started many years ago as a traditional gymnastics team, but has evolved into an internationally renowned show ensemble, and today the show has performed in more than 35 countries. Audiences of all ages are blown away by the show. Flying Superkids is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

The show is a high tempo mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing, singing, comedy, tumbling and of course twists, double and triple somersaults on trampolines and other crazy equipment. The true centre of the show, however, is the joy of life within each of the young performers. They simply love to be on stage, making the show a “high-flying” party every time. Their incredible energy and amazing skills make Flying Superkids an experience you never forget. Watch the latest show trailer here:

“Flying Superkids is a non-profit organization, and all members of the group are everyday Danish children who perform in the show in their spare time. That fact that totally normal kids can have such amazing skills and do a top professional show, astonishes people all over the world.” - Jens Hornemann, Chairman of the Board

Flying Superkids has performed in more than 35 countries, including the U.S., Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Greece, Canada, Lebanon, Finland, Israel & Greenland. Wherever the show is performed, it is always supported by an experienced technical staff and an amazing technical production.

“People often underestimate these kids, but after seeing them perform, everyone is
blown away. They jump straight into your heart and leave you enchanted by their joy
of life.” - Lars Uwe Godbersen, CEO

FLYING SUPERKIDS – “Cirque du Soleil meets High School Musical” – Flensburger Tageblatt

This show is recommended for Adults and Children alike.     
Seated tickets available are:

VIP Section € 32.00 (adults) € 24.00 (children 3yrs – 12yrs)
Gold Section € 26.00 (adults) € 18.00 (children 3yrs – 12yrs)
Silver Section € 20.00 (adults) € 12.00 (children 3yrs – 12yrs)
Kids under 3 years of age can enter free (but they will be required to be seated on the accompanying adult)
Ticket Hotlines: 9999 0371 / 2141 0371
Buy Tickets:  Tickets can be bought online from:
Ticket Outlets: Embassy Cinemas, Valletta and MFCC Offices, Ta’ Qali