Yada’s musical performance DIVAS was held at MFCC, Ta’Qali between Friday 28th March and Monday 31st March.
YADA’s mega show happens every 2 years.  YADA has produced shows that are synonymous with artistic quality and versatile themes.  Their past productions include Firedance, Moulin Rouge, Dirty Dancing and Strait Street.  All are very spectacular shows that wowed the audiences and left them wanting more.

DIVAS is a dance celebration mingled with a hedonistic soundscape of women and men who are DIVAS and sparkle ad infinitum in glitz, class, voice exuberance and regal stage presence.  The likes of great singers such as: Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Elton John, Cher, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston and Beyonce’. All music inspires choreography, dance, movement, theatre, lights, sound and special effects.   It also stimulates audiences to pump the night away and join in the dancing whilst recalling memories brought on by these tunes. It is nostalgic, sizzling, endearing, romantic and powerfully gripping. With a cast of over 250 dancers, local and foreign performers, Circus Acts, in new costumes, new repertoire, new technological magic and a myriad of innovations, DIVAS will thrill you.

Felix, creator and producer of the show, says “This is the reply of YADA, the reply of women who speak loud and speak heroically, the joy in our lives, our failures and the ability to re-create, re-vive, re-born and re-establish what is truly important in our lives inspired by these amazing voices accompanied by some of Malta’s own DIVAS”.

Costumes are designed by Vassil Petriiski, Adelina Abdilla and Doris Mercieca, lights by Nexos, sound by Waves Enterprises, visuals by Engelbert Grech, make-up by Justin Brincat and choreography by Felix Busuttil, Nina Winter, Daron Galea, Justin Roy Barker and Elaine Falzon.