A spokesperson for the CHOGM Malta 2015 Taskforce, Mr. Kurt Farrugia stated: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Volvo as a partner for this year’s CHOGM. The warm welcome and care dedicated to every visiting head of government with Volvo’s cooperation will be extended through this auction and its charitable aims. We are incredibly satisfied that through the CHOGM Malta 2015 Taskforce, we can help as a facilitator for the Malta Community Chest Fund in its noble work.”

The Chairman of the Malta Community Chest Fund’s Board of Administrators, Mr John Camilleri, thanked all those who are contributing towards this auction, so as to assist the hundreds of people who seek the Malta Community Chest Fund’s assistance. Mr Camilleri explained that between January and September of this year, the Malta Community Chest Fund spent over €1,000,000 in specialised chemotherapy for a number of Maltese and Gozitan citizens, both children and adults, who needed this assistance. Moreover, another €900,000 are committed towards various humanitarian projects carried out by non-governmental organisations.

A spokesperson for GasanZammit Motors Ltd, Mr Stefan Deguara stated that “It is an honour for me to represent Volvo as the Official Transport Partner for the Valletta Summit on Migration and CHOGM Malta 2015. As many know, the Volvo strategy is ‘Designed Around You.’ This means that we place the person in the centre of all decisions taken, when dealing with the Product, the Business and the Corporate Culture. It is for this reason that it is a great honour for us to associate Volvo with this noble cause which will benefit a lot of people through L-Istrina.

The Volvo vehicles which shall be auctioned shall all be brand new, used only for three days during the above-mentioned events. The cars, which shall be the means of transport of the Heads of Government, shall be driven by persons specifically trained by the Armed Forces of Malta. The cars shall be available to all those who are interested in the auction, at MFCC during the week prior to the 5th December.
Special arrangements have also been made with Bank of Valletta and Gasan Mamo Insurance so that both companies are present for the viewings as well as during the auction, so as to provide preferential rates and financial and insurance packages tailor-made for the purchase of these cars.

Those who make prospective offers for these cars shall have the choice to organise their financial and insurance packages and submit the offer to the car of their choice, all in one place, thereby facilitating their purchase.

The auction was held on 5th December at MFCC Ta’ Qali and it was broadcasted live on TVM. The auctioneer was Mr Pierre Grech Pillow, whereas Mr Peppi Azzopardi and Ms Amanda Ciappara had host the programme.