Celebrating Elvis – 17th January 2015

‘Celebrating Elvis’ features Malta’s first preliminary round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, sponsored by Elvis Presley’s Enterprises, with the winner traveling to Memphis to compete in the semifinal round during Elvis Week 2015.
Visit http://www.graceland.com/events/ultimate_eta_contest.aspx for more information
Celebrating Elvis is a concept developed around the fact that Elvis Presley, had he still been alive, would have turned 80 in January 2015.   MFCC wants to celebrate this event with a show to mark this happening, and, what better way to celebrate ELVIS than to create a show using all the elements around the Elvis myth!  This will give us all the opportunity to turn back time, dress up in 50s, 60s and 70s style and bring back the dancing elements of swing, twist, jive, and rock ‘n’ roll.   All the dance and music elements that emerged in this era and continue to be with us in various forms.  Together with this, the aim is to have you dress up and get your hair and make up in pin up style too.  Dressing up in the era is, of course, optional.
Celebrating Elvis is an event for all those who love to have fun and want to celebrate Elvis, either because they have a great sense of nostalgia for this time, or they would like to experience the buzz because they were born later than the era.  The event provides the platform for celebrating a legend.  It will allow you to listen and dance to the timeless tracks.  Tracks which once written have become timeless music pieces which evoke emotions and sentiments. They have been adapted and reissued as covers, and no matter when you were born, you all know an Elvis song, even if you might not know it is by Elvis!

To accompany this celebration MFCC used local talented musicians and singers who have come together to put up this great show.  The arrangements for this music event were in the hands of Paul Abela and together with a number of local artists we have produced a memorable show which people continue to talk about.  The music composed by Elvis is what made him become a legend who will continue to be alive.   This music has been revised and reissued, some of these classic tracks have been revived and refreshed to adapt to the times and continue to exist irrespective of the fact that the author of such emotions has been gone for a while. 

This event is yours as much as it is ours. To ensure this we have issued tickets in 3 formats to allow space for all to enjoy the show according to their preference and ability.  Tickets start at €10.  These are standing and allow you to stand, walk around and also dance during this event. The standing area will provide a ‘club’ like space allowing for interaction and moving around and even dancing.  There wasa dance floor.  So if you want to twist and dance and mingle this is the space for you.  We can call it the Mingle Zone! 

We have also kept in mind that some Elvis fans, might want to enjoy the merriment, however prefer to be seated. The price for the seated area is of €15 or €20. VIP tickets are €30 and if you purchase 10 tickits you will be entitled to a table.

Part of the show was dedicated to Malta's FIRST PRELIMINARY ROUND OF THE ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST CONTEST which was held in Memphis, Tennesse, USA. This challenge has been progressing every week on the popular TV programme SIBTEK.  The 3 finalists were challenged each other on the night and we picked the winner!

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