The BPW Careers’ Day, is organised by the NGO, Business and Professional Women (BPW), under the patronage of H.E. The President of Malta.  BPW is an international organisation whose main obejective is to empower young girls and women.

For the past 6 editions, this Careers' Day, was aimed towards 14-year old secondary school girls,  The purpose of this event is to empower all girls, tomorrow's women, to pursue careers and jobs they desire.  During the event these girls meet with women from all sectors who share their experiences with them.

This year, the novelty is BOYS!  They too have been invited to attend. They will be meeting with the women mentors too.  This way boys can speak to woman who occupy careeer positions and roles in all sectors.  This experience is intended to help break stereo-types and perceptions boys, are believed to have, about career women. 

This event is inteneded to give both the girls and the boys, an opportunity to meet with women mentors who will share with them their experiences.  The mentors will be coming from a myriad of jobs, at all levels and across a large number of industries.