Weekend Winners at MFCC events

The Winners for this weekend’s MFCC Amitex Holiday Show and the Home and Interiors Exhibition are the following:

Winners MFCC Amitex Holiday Show 2019

21st March
Caroline Schembri
Jacqueline Muscat

22nd March
Stephen Busuttil
Anthony Avallone

23rd March
Terence Vella
Vivian Zahra

24th March
Joanne Ciantar
Miriam Pule

Winner for the home and Interiors Exhibition

24th March 
Joe Farrugia
The winners for the MFCC Amitex Holiday Show won a pair of return economy tickets (Go Light) on Air Malta operated scheduled flights from/to a destination within the airline’s network (excluding London Heathrow, Amsterdam and Munich).  Terms and conditions apply.

The winner for the Home and Interiors Exhibition won a washing machine worth €399.