Sep 2012 - Rockestra

ROCKESTRA MFCC TA’ QALI - 15th September 2012

ROCKESTRA is a rock concert by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra organised by The Malta
Community Chest Fund to raise funds for people in need. For the fourth consecutive year this
concert will be held at MFCC Ta’ Qali on Saturday 15th September at 20.00hrs.
Rockestra, under the musical direction of Sigmund Mifsud and artistic direction of Pawlu Borg
Bonaci, will include works by groups such as Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Zucchero, Procol
Harum, Adele, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Prince, Led Zeppelin and Santana amongst others. Besides
a number of instrumental pieces performed by the orchestra, renowned local artists will have a
unique experience to perform popular pieces with 65 musicians of the Malta Philharmonic
Orchestra and dance choreography by Felix Busuttil of Yada Dancers.
Local artists include: Ivan Filletti, Ira Losco, Paul Borg Bonaci of Fakawi, Richard Edwards
Mikaela, Matt of Red Electrick, Glenn Vella, Chris Grech, Paul Sky, Chiara, Claudette Pace and
Kenneth Calleja amongst others.

The concert is being held under the distinguished patronage of The President of Malta and Mrs