Oct 2013 - MADC Panto

MFCC will once again proudly host MADC’s popular Christmas Panto.  This year entitled Rapunzelstiltskin.  The shows will be held between Saturday 21st December 2013 and Sunday 5th Janurary 2014.  There will be two shows on weekends. 

The story line is based on the two popular fairytales, Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin. Steve Hili has very cleverly intertwined two popular fairytales to come up with a magical show.  Direction is in the hands of seasoned director Steve Casaletto, whilst Paul Abela will be in charge of music, with the help of vocal coach Roger Tirazone.  Kristina Schranz is already dreaming up loads of memorable dance numbers to make this the most memorable panto of the season.  The cast is wonderful and the setup is again entrusted to the award winning artisit Peter Howitt, who provides the wonderful stage backdrops and designs creating the magical atmosphere that allows the performance to excel.

Tickets are available for sale from the MADC website.

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