Nov 2016 - Weddings & Events

The MFCC Weddings and Events Exhibition was officially inaugurated yesterday, Thursday 3rd November.  The Hon. Edward Zammit Lewis, the Hon. Michael Farrugia  and other distinguished guests were present for the opening and augured a successful fair to both participants and visitors.  They also stated that they were impressed with the standard of the fair.  

Mr. Paul Bugeja, CEO for the Malta Tourism Authority, highlighted the fact that Malta, as a destination, is seeing an increase of foreign visitors who come to celebrate their wedding  here. Fr. Noel Vassallo blessed the event.   Anita Mifsud MFCC’s CEO and Joan Haber, consultant and organizer of the fair, both thanked the ministers and the guests for their presence and together they visited the exhibitors’ stalls.  The fair stays open until Sunday 6th November.