Nov 2016 - Malta Comic Con

Wicked Comics are proud to announce that the the new ticketing system has resulted in an absolute record of pre-event ticket sales. Phase 4 tickets will go on sale soon, but in the meantime people can still benefit from the Last Chance Saver Malta Comic Con 2016 Tickets which can be obtained from the Malta Comic Con website: or from comics and collectibles retailers Pandora’s Box Collectibles (Tarxien) and Toy Town (Birkirkara).

Wicked Comics are also proud to announce that creators Ed Murphy, Iella, Grafimated Cartoon (Salvatore Di Marco and Antonino Pirotta) and Luciano Regazzoni join Tom Foster, David Hitchcock, Collette Turner, Roger Langridge, Sean Azzopardi, John Fleming, Cliodhna, Andreas Michaelides, Tim Perkins, PJ Holden, Aris Labos, Guillermo Ortego, Mr. Massy81, Samantha Scuri, Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, John Royle, Chiara Cordello, Chris Thompson, Dan Watters, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Caspar Wijngaard, Giulia “Juiz” Sulsenti, Kyle Hotz, Jenika Ioffreda, Frazer Irving, Kinga Korska, Tiernen Trevallion, Valia Kapadai, Pavlos Pavlidis, Dionysia Dedousi, Dinos Kapsalas, Giusy Nicosia, Diego Fichera, Noe “Vanoxymore” Monin, Linda-Laure Greff, Michael Dialynas, Dani and Ilias Kyriazis to complete the Malta Comic Con 2016 (A Place Where You Belong) guest list! The show kicks off on Saturday 3rd (10am-6pm) and returns on Sunday 4th (11am-7pm) December 2016 at the south end of the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali (next to the Millennium Stand).

Ed Murphy

Ed Murphy is an award-winning publisher, comic-book writer and film producer. He is the founding publisher of UK-based Rough Cut Comics, which have been producing successful comic-book titles such as THE SURGEON and FREEDOM COLLECTIVE since 2001. The company won the Best British Comic in the 2014 True Believers/Eagle Awards for GOODCOPBADCOP: CASEBOOK#1, for which Ed was also editor. He is the creator of the ROSE BLACK series, and writer of the comic-book sequel to Brian Yuzna’s horror film classic, SOCIETY. Ed is also associate producer of the new animated horror film, MALEVOLENT, which features the vocal talents of William Shatner and Morena Baccarin.


Iella is a caffeine dependant Malteser who is currently based in London. She works as a graphic designer, illustrator and storyboard artist at Cartoon Network's European division. After work Iella invests her time working on self initiated projects and collaborations with other creative groups. Her work in comics include various contributions to the popular Pilot Comic Anthologies which were annually published in Malta by Audrienne Degiorgio and Fleur Sciortino, as well as Iella’s comic interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic The Ugly Ducking.

Grafimated Cartoon

Salvatore Di Marco and Antonino Pirrotta come to Malta on behalf of the Palermo based Grafimated Cartoon. Grafimated Cartoon is a cooperative society that produces, promotes and diffuses animated films and comics. Grafimated Cartoon was founded in January 2001 by professionals of the field. With over fifteen years experience, they have participated in several national and international animated film festivals with short author films, in particular the short film "Saudates du sud" with which it took part in the competition in Annecy 97 edition.

This creative duo who are both comic book artists and animators have worked on several titles including the Zootopia graphic novel, and several Disney projects such as Planes Magazine, Trilly, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Grafimated Cartoon has also worked on various animated features such as “Pinocchio” by Enzo D’Alo, The Triplets, Cocco Bill, I Cuccioli, La Gabbianella e il Gatto, and Aida degli Alberi. They also produced "I Vespri Siciliani", and a documentary called " Selinunte: A city between two rivers."

Through their School of Comics (Scuola del Fumetto) they teach the skills to create comics, from pencils to colouring and lettering. In fact in 2011, the school also started publishing comics created by their students. Their students and collaborators have worked with publishers such as IDW, Panini Kids, Pixar, Mondadori, De Agostini, Disney, Marvel Comics, Marathon, Dc Comics and Titan Comics.
During the past year they have also published " World of Lumina: Shani" (With Tatai Lab) and "SOTTOSOPRA: Beyond the fear/Ilvolo di ICARO" (with Zap Editions).

Other activities organised in collaboration with several public schools in Sicily, are comics and animated cartoon workshops where students create short films in which some of them won prizes in their respective categories. 

Luciano Regazzoni

Luciano Regazzoni was born in 1959 and graduated at the School of Comics of Milan. Since 1985 he has been teaching anatomy applied to comics and illustration technique at the same school and at The European Design Institute. In the 2005 he became part of the teaching staff of the School of Comics of Palermo/Grafimated Cartoon. Between 2007-2008 he worked as a Costume Designer for the movie "Dark Resurrection". In 2013 he started to work with Sergio Bonelli Editor: He illustrated issue 29 of "Alpha Agency", a spin-off of the regular series Nathan Never, titled "The Trial". He collaborates as a storyboard artist, illustrator and visualiser for several ad agencies and major Italian comic publishers.


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