Jul 2013 - Buckingham Palace Stage

22nd July 2013

MFCC sets stage at Buckingham Palace
Right Structures’ arched stage roof was a central feature at the spectacular Coronation Festival in the gardens of Buckingham Palace; 11th -14th July 2013.

The Coronation Festival took place over four days in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, celebrating the 60th anniversary year of The Queen's Coronation. Hosted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association it featured an exhibition showcasing over 200 suppliers to the royal household and a stunning evening gala performance from artists as diverse as The National Youth Orchestra to The Feeling and The National Ballet to Katherine Jenkins.

The Queen and many members of the Royal family attended to first evenings Gala performance, which was screened on BBC1 across the UK and tickets for the following two evening performance and three days of exhibition were sold out well in advance.
“We are very excited and pleased to have been contracted for this job” said Edward Zammit, the Project Manager in charge of the logistics and on site set up of this huge 44 metre wide x 20 metre deep stage.

“The contract to design and build this stage was won against stiff competition and Right Structures (a subsidiary of MFCC) is proud to have been selected as the contractor. The organisers Media 10 and technical production manager Tom Walsh have both complimented us on our arched roof staging design and commended our delivery of the project, which has exceeded their expectations.  Delivering this contract on time meant working within extremely tight timeframes – we even had to stop work every day for the changing of the guard!”

“Working on this project inside Buckingham Palace gardens required great care and is a great honour for MFCC and obviously we are very proud of this achievement.”  said Gerald Borg, MFCC’s Managing Director adding, “This was an excellent opportunity for MFCC to showcase its’ capabilities on an international level, for such a historical occasion and in such a unique location, and we expect that as a result we will continue to win other contracts,  growing MFCC and Right Structures  beyond our shores.  I’m sure our whole nation shares our pride.”

Right Structures has invested in a number of stages to provide a statement backdrop for any type of performance.  These structures, which comprise the stage, have been successfully promoted to the international market.  Besides the setting up of the main stage at Buckingham Palace, this month MFCC also set up the stage for the Live at the Marquee Festival in Cork, Ireland. This four week-long festival featured internationally renowned artists Elton John, Sting, Olly Murs, ZZ Top, Elvis Castello, Boomtown Rats, Jessie J, and Imelda May.

Catermax Limited, which at the end of last year purchased 65% of the shares of MFCC, earlier this month, purchased the remaining 35% minority shareholding, so that MFCC is now fully owned by Catermax Limited.