Aug 2015 - Joseph Calleja Stage

MFCC is pleased to introduce a new stage structure to its product portfolio, the Perfect Arched Stage.  This was, yesterday Monday 3rd August, set up at the Luxol Grounds, St. Andrew’s, for this year’s edition of the Joseph Calleja Concert. 

Anita Mifsud, MFCC’s CEO said, “We wish to thank NNG Promotions for entrusting us with the build of the stage for this year’s edition of this very prestigious concert.  This gave us the opportunity to further invest in our stage structures”.  MFCC, via its subsidiary Right Structures, has staging material which allows for the construction of various stage designs and configurations.  This year MFCC has further invested and now this new stage, which was designed and manufactured by Martin Pillow from Pillow Space Frame Ltd. and certified by Architect David Xuereb from QPM, is adding a new product – The Perfect Arched Stage.  This stage is different from the previous ones because it is a complete semi-circular arch which produces a great impact in both aesthetic presentation as well as its technical and loading capabilities.

MFCC, via Right Structures, has already had a number of prestigious commissions, namely the celebrations of the 60th anniversary year of the Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, which was held at Buckingham Palace and the setup of the event Live at the Marquee in Cork Ireland for 4 consecutive years.  “We are proud to continue to be on the forefront, supplying the facilities and services required to make event organisation possible in Malta and abroad”, said Ing. Gerald Borg MFCC’s Managing Director, “and, we wish to thank Martin Pillow, who designed the stage and Arch. David Xuereb who certified the design.  These two persons, he stated, have always been the key people in the design and manufacture of these stage structures, with MFCC providing the marketing and financial aspects while the actual setup by is done by its dedicated riggers, who deliver the final product to the client.  MFCC owns these structures and anyone wishing to hire these stages can contact MFCC directly”, he concluded.

Yesterday’s Joseph Calleja concert was indeed spectacular.  MFCC wishes to thank NnG, the organisers of the event, and all the event supplying community who work closely together on such occasions to deliver the services required to set up such a magnificent show.  We look forward to the next one!