Feb 2014 - Events and Exhibitions

Yesterday night at the MFCC, Petite Marquee, Ta’Qali, MFCC launched its events and exhibitions that have been confirmed up to June of this year.  A total of 6 exhibitions and 3 events were launched with some novel titles too, namely the exhibitions are: The MFCC Warehouse Sale, The MFCC Amitex Exhibition, The Homeworks Expo, The Malta Motor Show, The Malta Men’s Expo and the Malta Trade Fair.   The events are Voca People, Gensna and Divas by Yada.

During his introduction, Ing Gerald Borg, MFCC’s managing director, thanked the Hon Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis for his presence at the event and for the continued support MFCC receives from the government.  He also thanked all the distinguished guests and representatives of the various NGOs representative of the various business associations, notably the Chamber of Commerce, the GRTU and the MHRA.  He then introduced Ms Anita Mifsud the recently appointed CEO to deliver her speech. 

Ms Anita Attard acknowledged that MFCC had its challenges however she also said that the future is a bright one.  She said that MFCC remains the flexible venue where event organisers and people with ideas can be provided with a platform to actually make their idea happen.  She encouraged creative people to come forward with their ideas.  Speaking about the Malta Trade Fair, she said that this year MFCC moved the Malta Trade Fair dates away from the traditional dates because of the World Cup.  In fact this year the MFCC Malta Trade Fair will be held between Thursday 26th June and Sunday 6th July to avoid the peak of the world cup games.  She also said that MFCC will be holding a number of focus groups to better understand the needs of the exhibitors and consumers and provide the ground work to establish a better product for both the consumer and the exhibitor.  MFCC is the rightful owner of the Malta Trade Fair which moved from Naxxar to Ta’Qali in the 2007.  The Malta Trade Fair has over the years continued to evolve with the support of entities which have always been associated with this event and MFCC intends to continue this process, she said.

During this event the Hon Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Competitiveness and Economic Growth spoke of the continued support MFCC will receive from the government.