MFCC enlarges venue for SIGMA

MFCC enlarges the venue by 3800m² for SIGMA

The Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre, better known as MFCC, has always been acknowledged as being the most adaptable, flexible and largest multipurpose venue in Malta.  In line with this legacy we are proud to announce our most recent accomplishment, being that of enlarging the inside space by 3800m² specifically to accommodate one event – SIGMA the IGAMING EXPO. This prestigious event starts next week at MFCC.

Due to the increasing interest to participate in this Expo, the organiser, Eman Pulis, required more space to accommodate this increased interest.  We jointly came up with a solution to increase the already standing main hall by 40m, which now measures 170m x 50m.  This provides an increase in area of 2000m².  This added area will be used as exhibition area for the numerous exhibitors who are consistently reaching out to participate in this expo which is increasingly becoming one of Malta’s largest events of its nature.  Needless to say, international events of this nature are a big revenue generator for the hospitality and service industries in Malta.

As this additional space was not enough to meet the ever-growing demand, we provided another specialized fully insulated structure, measuring 30m x 60m, that was set up adjacent to the main fixed area to provide the added space of 1800m².  This additional structure provides the space for the conference area.

All the above simply proves one thing … MFCC is versatile more than ever before!  The solutions provided are endless and we constantly reach out to clients to understand their needs and provide the necessary solutions.  We wish all the participants of SIGMA success during the coming event week and also wish to thank the organiser, Eman Pulis, for once again choosing MFCC to host this event.  We are proud to be part of it too!