Jul 2015 - Malta Trade Fair

Friday 3rd July 2015

The 8th winner of the Gala Supermarket prize is Maria Egorova.  Congratulations Maria!

The draw was held yesterday at 22:15hrs on the Gala Stand, at the MFCC Malta Trade Fair.  This is the 58th edition of the fair.

This year MFCC wishes to reward visitors who conclude sales at MFCC and to do this we are drawing a star prize on a daily basis consisting of the value of €50 of groceries per week for one year.  This amounts to the value of €2600 (€50 x 52weeks) in groceries.

For every purchase concluded at MFCC, consumers will be given tickets for the value of the purchase. For example for every €50 spent a ticket is given, therefore if a visitor purchases something of a value of €300, 6 competition tickets are given.  These tickets need to be filled up and deposited in the urn on the Gala Stand.  Every night, of the fair, a ticket is drawn at 22:15hrs on weekdays and at 22:45hrs on weekends.

Visit and purchase goods at the MFCC Malta Trade Fair and chance winning this great prize too!