Mar 2017 - AMITEX

The MFCC Amitex Holiday Show will be held between Thursday 30th March and Sunday 2nd April 2017.  This event is about what we all love doing best – travelling! 

It brings together all the best local agents who have been busy preparing interesting and time saving packages for you to enjoy.  All of those attending can win daily prizes by participating in competitions.  AirMalta will draw 2 flight tickets to any scheduled destination. One can also visit the Airmalta stand to gain knowledge on destinations the airline flies to.  This year we also have the participation of Munich Airport, a key destination within the Airmalta flight offers. 

The Munich Airport stand will offer information about the destination and also have some interesting innovative games to share with the visitors.  The Malta Tourism Authority, who are supporters of this event, will also be present to meet visitors and explain the role of the authority to the visitors.  All these added to the participation of all the local agents who have prepared great travel opportunities for you to explore and travel to on your next vacations.

On the morning of Thursday 30th March we will host a business breakfast with the theme – The Challenges Facing the European Aviation Industry in 2017. This will be held between 09:00hrs and 12:00hrs.  Those who wish to attend are kindly requested to send an email to  Following this business breakfast the official inauguration of the MFCC AMITEX Holiday Show will be held.

The fair is open from Thursday 30th March to Sunday 2nd April.  The opening hours are from 18:30hrs to 22:30hrs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs and from 15:00hrs to 21:00hrs.