Jul 2014 - Malta Trade Fair

Rick Taylor and Martin Taylor are the comedians behind the Granny Turismo show, which is one of the UK’s most talked about acts, in the street performing arts.  They are the highlight of this year’s MFCC Malta Trade Fair.  They will perform 3 shows daily to keep visitors to the fair entertained, thrilled and enthralled.   Their act can be described as a very innovative street theatre performance using fantastic costumes and great talent.  The act involves elaborate costumes and movements and although the performance is scripted they also improvise according to the audience around them making the show an interactive one too.  The group was founded in 2000, and since then they have built a reputation for well-crafted interactive performances which keep audiences hooked.  These comedians will be performing daily at the MFCC Malta Trade Fair between the 26th of June and the 6th of July.   The opening hours are Sunday to Thursday from 18:30hrs to 22:30hrs, Friday and Saturday from 18:30hrs to 23:00hrs.