Feb 2018 - Vivanda

The official inauguration of the event Vivanda was held earlier today under the auspices of Her Excellency Marie Louise Coliero Preca, the President of Malta.   The President thanked the organisers, MFCC and Malta Kulinarja, for offering this platform to the local catering industry, were the members of this group could compete and excel in their field.  After the inauguration Her Excellencey Marie Louise Coliero Preca toured the event and met with the exhibitors accompanied by Directors and Management from MFCC and members of the Malta Kulinarja Chefs Society. 

The event remains open until Sunday 25th February.  It is open on today (Thursday), tomorrow (Friday) and on Saturday between 10:00hrs and 22:00hrs and on Sunday between 10:00hrs and 21:00hrs.