Jul 2015 - Malta Trade Fair

The Food Court at the MFCC Malta Trade Fair

The MFCC Malta Trade Fair are introducing a novel approach to the food quality and variety at the Trade Fair.  We have put together a fusion of items from various parts of the world to ensure you get something appetising to dine and snack on whilst at the fair.  These are as follows:

Food Faculty Pizza (Street Food)
Based in the student restaurant at the University of Malta, The Food Faculty strives to provide the best quality fresh food. Be it one of our freshly baked pastries or cakes, our popular homemade daily hot specials, sizzling BBQ grills in the pjazza or fresh grab and go Items…we certainly have something delicious for everyone!
We’re also proud to introduce 'Food Faculty Street Food' where we bring our food concepts to the streets of Malta…for this year’s Malta Trade Fair, come and enjoy the Food Faculty Street Food Pizza!

HIM have joined forces with Food Faculty Pizza in delivering La Bufalina Pizza.  HIM (high quality Mozzarella) is a new Mozzarella-Bar concept that started in Malta last September 2014 with the aim to raise awareness of the old traditions related to a certain line of dairy products produced from buffalo milk.

RivaReno Gelato is synonymous with a constant quest in the world for all natural ingredients for their freshness, purity, intense flavours and overall highest grade qualities. Our gelato contains no hydrogenated fat, preservatives, anti-oxidants and artificial colourings.

Eat Street
Bringing you quick and tasty street foods from around the world!  For this year’s Malta Trade Fair, Eat Street are featuring Asian concepts ranging from homemade onion bhaji and raita suace, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls and BBQ pork skewers and noodles! 

Hot Sausage and Burger Bites
The Cambridge based franchise market leader since August 1996, specialising in professional street trading, has proven to be popular with its customers from the outset, by setting new standards whether it be by barrow design, presentation or customer service. It has sought to develop its business based on quality and not price. The professional attitude is reflected in every area of operation

Taste of Lebanon
Authentic Lebanese food ranging from chicken and lamb hand carved shawarma, grilled meat skewers, falafel and humus wraps and freshly made Lebanese style salads… a true taste of Lebanon!

Coffee Circus
Coffee Circus Malta is a freshly roasted speciality coffee factory, making amazing coffee by using high quality beans, passion, artisian approach and a dedication to quality.

Cake Stall
Here one finds a variety of mouth-watering cakes, freshly prepared, to satisfy any sweet tooth!