Another successful Kwalita Malta!

This year's edition of Kwalilta Malta was another successful event held at MFCC.  During the 3 day event, the over 100 exhibitors who participated, were satisfied with the attendance and the experience.

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who attended the fair over the weekend said that the government supports the local business community by simply letting them work.  He said that government is committed to creating an environment which provides opportunity.  He explained how these various opportunities are motivating both the local business community and foreign investment to diversify and invest in new business concepts in Malta.  He said that because of this success the European Commission is foreseeing that Malta's economy, will next year have the largest growth within the European Union.

Phylis Muscat, the organiser, said that she is very happy with the outcome and looks forward to start planning the next Kwalita Malta!