Sep 2012 - 60s Stars at MFCC

Mike Pender (the Searchers), Dave Berry (the Cruisers), Wayne Fontana (the Mindbenders), Brian Poole (the Tremeloes), and Vanity Fare will be at MFCC this October

Some info about the artists is featured below:

Mike Pender (The Searchers)
Mike Pender was an original founding member and best known as the lead vocalist on many hit singles by The Searchers, including the song Needles and Pins. Mike Pender and The Searchers were the second group from Liverpool, after the Beatles, to have a hit in the United States when Needles and Pins charted during the first week of March 1964. Other huge hits that Mike Pender is famous for are Sugar and Spice, Sweets for my Sweet and Don’t Throw Your Love Away.

Dave Berry (The Cruisers)
Dave Berry is the 1960’s teen idol.  He performed a mixture of R&B and pop ballads and was popular in Britain and in Europe. His best remembered hits are The Crying Game, Memphis Tennessee, Mama and his 1965 hit Little Things.

Wayne Fontana (The Mindbenders)
English pop singer, Wayne Fontana formed his backing group The Mindbenders in 1963. The band was one of the UK acts that in the mid 1960s invaded the US charts. Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders are best known for Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, in 1964, which was to be their first major hit in Britain. The band’s 1965 song, Game of Love, reached the number 1 position in the United States hit list and the 2nd place in the UK singles chart.

Brian Poole (The Tremeloes)
Essex born Brian Poole formed The Tremeloes in 1958. Decca Records signed him in favour of The Beatles, and this incident is one of the music industry’s most fabled stories – and proves just how hot he and the band were. The band recorded huge hits and charted the top ten 4 times in just 2 years with songs, considered classics like, Do You Love Me, Twist and Shout, Candy Man, I can Dance and 1964’s Someone, Someone.

Vanity Fare
The band, Vanity Fare who are still as busy as ever, consists of  Eddie Wheeler, Mark Dean Ellen, Bernie Hagley and Steve Oakman. They have sold over five million records, earning themselves two gold discs. The band’s Worldwide hits include Early in the Morning, Hitching a Ride, I Live for the Sun and Better by Far.  In the USA, Early in the Morning and Hitching a Ride were top ten hits and stayed in the charts for a total of twenty three weeks. The band will be providing the backing to all the artists in Malta.