Sep 2013 - Rockestra

Saturday 14th September 2013, was Rockestra night, another successful event held at MFCC.

A crowd of 13,000 people filled the MFCC venue to enjoy a great evening of LIVE music.  ROCKESTRA is a rock concert by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra organised by The Malta Community Chest Fund to raise funds for people in need.  The concert was held under the distinguished patronage of The President of Malta and Mrs Abela.

Rockestra, under the musical direction of Sigmund Mifsud and artistic direction of Pawlu Borg Bonaci, included the works of world renowned groups such as Pink Floyd, Queen, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Alanis Morisette, The Animals, Labyrinth, Toto, Police, Deep Purple, Brian Adams, Robbie Williams and Jimi Hendrix amongst others. The popular tunes were covered by some of Malta’s most talented artists, among these Ira Losco, Ivan Grech from Winter Moods, Kevin Borg, Conrad Pule and many others.  This was another occasion where the 65 musicians of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and local singers performed uniquely, giving a special experience, to all those who attended this event.  

The President of Malta Dr. George Abela and Mrs. Abela watched the show enthusiastically and thanked the crowds for attending so numerously to an event which is all in aid of the charity supported by the presidency, the Community Chest Fund.